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Post: adopting a red belly hen

Posted by Kels on 4/14/05

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    Hello, I'm kinda new to the boards (been reading but not
    posting for a little while), I may be adopting a Red Belly
    Hen in the next week or so, I know she's tame and has been
    socialized and all that, but I'm not sure HOW tame she is
    (her primary owner has been away for almost a month, and the
    caretaker of her is very skittish and afraid of birds, so I
    don't know how much human interaction she's had since her
    owner has been gone). This won't be my first bird (I had a
    TAG that unfortunatly was lost about a month ago), but it
    will be my first bird thats not a baby. I've taken care of
    this bird for about a week before, and she was kinda nippy,
    actually very nippy, but I just assumed it was because she
    didn't really know me and I was in her territory. Anyway, if
    anyone has any tidbits of advice, it would be greatly
    appreciated :o)


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