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Re: Looking for a baby Senegal-want ifo on some good breede

Posted by Cheryl on 4/15/05
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    On 4/15/05, angie wrote:
    > I want to add to my flock.I own 2 Macaws and I want a baby
    > Senegal.Already did lots of research.have a nice brand new
    > cage and toys.
    > Its just hard to trust some people these days.So ive
    > decided to come here,I always pop in here many times a day.
    > I live in Mass. but wouldnt mind having a baby shipped.
    > I didnt want to put this on the ads because I dont who the
    > heck will respond to me.Lots of scams going around.
    Never met him personally, but from what I have read on this
    board, Michael L (who posts here) sounds like a great and
    very knowledgable Poicephalus breeder.

    Good luck!