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Re: Looking for a baby Senegal-want ifo on some good breede

Posted by angie on 4/17/05
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    On 4/15/05, Cheryl wrote:
    > On 4/15/05, angie wrote:
    >> I want to add to my flock.I own 2 Macaws and I want a baby
    >> Senegal.Already did lots of research.have a nice brand new
    >> cage and toys.
    >> Its just hard to trust some people these days.So ive
    >> decided to come here,I always pop in here many times a day.
    >> I live in Mass. but wouldnt mind having a baby shipped.
    >> I didnt want to put this on the ads because I dont who the
    >> heck will respond to me.Lots of scams going around.
    > Never met him personally, but from what I have read on this
    > board, Michael L (who posts here) sounds like a great and
    > very knowledgable Poicephalus breeder.
    > Good luck!

    Well ive found a local breeder.His babies wont be ready till
    June.But what I was wondering is he weans his baby onto pellets
    only.I dont give my Macaws pellets,I just dont think birds need
    them.They dont have them in wild.
    Was wondering if this is not a good thing or what.Would like to
    know what some of you folks think about weaning a baby onto
    pellets only.