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Re: Looking for a baby Senegal-want ifo on some good breede

Posted by Michael L on 4/17/05
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    On 4/17/05, angie wrote:

    > My guys get pieces of bananas,apples,pine nute a walnut and
    > pistachios in the morning.Oh and cabbage sometimes too.
    > Afternoon,usually fresh yellow and red peppers sliced with cherry
    > tomatoes.Onse in a while a few pieces of grilled cheees sandwich as
    > a treat.And whatever I have for lunch if its healthy for my guys.
    > Supper is,green beans,corn,broccolli spears,cailiflower,baby
    > carrots,butternut squash.I also give my guys blueberries and a few
    > fruits,not to keen on the fruit thing cuze of all the sugars.
    > My guys get pieces of steak and many other things.
    > So thats why I dont think my babies need pellets.

    You had me up till the steak! The reason I asked is that I too raise
    Africans and I do wean my birds on to pellets. Their first foods are
    fresh foods, then pellets come in second.
    I do this for several reasons. Once accustomed to pellets, most
    birds will eat anything. Once accustomed to seed, it's tough to get
    them to like pellets. I do feed seed, but not as a staple of the
    But once out of my home, I have no control over what someone does,
    and I've learned that the best, heartfelt promises of a varied diet
    often fall by the wayside. Cooking and preparing for birds is a big
    task and unfortunately, not everyone will continue it.
    So pellets at least give them a more nutrient rich diet if their only
    choices are pellets and seed.
    Good luck with your new bird.

    Michael L