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Re: Looking for a baby Senegal-want ifo on some good breede

Posted by Cheryl on 4/18/05
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    > Well ive found a local breeder.His babies wont be ready till
    > June.But what I was wondering is he weans his baby onto pellets
    > only.I dont give my Macaws pellets,I just dont think birds need
    > them.They dont have them in wild.
    > Was wondering if this is not a good thing or what.Would like to
    > know what some of you folks think about weaning a baby onto
    > pellets only.
    > Thanks

    If you think about it, the seeds that are in seed mixes aren't
    usually found in the "wild" either. With that said, I will tell
    you what my birds eat.
    They have pellets in their cage at all times. Mine eat both
    Harrison's and Roudyboush regularly, and Zupreme fruit ones
    sometimes, mixed in. They get Beak Appetite each morning, which
    is a cooked food. I may give seed a couple times a week, as a
    treat only. They also get fresh veggies and fruit everyday, as
    well as some tasty morsels from my dinner.
    The fresh stuff is usually brocolli, peas in the pod, carrots,
    apple, grapes, bananas, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes,
    broiled fish, turkey burger, spaghetti, etc. I sprout for them
    sometimes, but sometimes, I am too lazy.
    In any case, I think that weaning to pellets is wonderful.
    Pellets have their nutrition in each one, so the bird actually
    does ingest the vitamins it needs. When you feed seed, the bird
    usually only picks out 1 or 2 seed types to the exclusion of the
    others, and seed is NOT nutrition packed, to say the very least.
    If your argument against feeding pellets is only that pellets
    aren't found in the "wild," then you need otremind yourself that
    in the "wild" the parrot would be able to forage for miles and
    miles to get what it's body needs, but in our homes, they are
    caged and fed by us. Not everyone feeds the variety that I do,
    and if you don't, then your birds really do need the nutrition of
    Just my opinion, I guess.