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Re: meyers parrot

Posted by kathy on 4/24/05
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    On 4/24/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 4/24/05, kathy wrote:
    >> Hi, I have a new meyers parrot and would like to know if
    >> anyone knows how to sex them by appearence?
    > There isn't an accurate way to sex a Meyers by appearance.
    > They are not dimorphic.
    > Some folks have 'theories' that involve head shape, tail
    > shape, pelvic inspection, etc. but the only way for accurate
    > determination is DNA sexing. This can be achieved though
    > shell, oral swabbing, blood card or feather sexing.
    > Michael L

    Thanks Micheal I read somewhere that across the breast the
    difference is the bars in the feathers Have you ever heard of
    that.They do seem to have the difference in the feathers
    wheather or not that means either-or- I dont know.