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Re: meyers parrot

Posted by kathy on 4/24/05
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    On 4/24/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 4/24/05, kathy wrote:
    >> Thanks Micheal I read somewhere that across the breast the
    >> difference is the bars in the feathers Have you ever heard of
    >> that.They do seem to have the difference in the feathers
    >> wheather or not that means either-or- I dont know.
    > Honestly Kathy, I have never heard that one, but that doesn't
    > mean that it doesn't have some merit.
    > Michael L
    Micheal do you know a website I can get a care sheet for this
    meyers ? I want to take him /Her to my sister but only with a care
    sheet for info. So she can learn all about it. I was given this
    bird from my avian vet with the intent of a good home my sister
    has much more experience with birds than I. But she doesnt have
    access to a computer for the info I do. If any others on board can
    help with the info sheet I need please do.Thanks. Kathy