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Re: meyers parrot

Posted by Michael L on 4/24/05
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    On 4/24/05, kathy wrote:
    > On 4/24/05, Michael L wrote:
    >> On 4/24/05, kathy wrote:
    >>> Thanks Micheal I read somewhere that across the breast the
    >>> difference is the bars in the feathers Have you ever heard of
    >>> that.They do seem to have the difference in the feathers
    >>> wheather or not that means either-or- I dont know.
    >> Honestly Kathy, I have never heard that one, but that doesn't
    >> mean that it doesn't have some merit.
    >> Michael L
    > Micheal do you know a website I can get a care sheet for this
    > meyers ? I want to take him /Her to my sister but only with a care
    > sheet for info. So she can learn all about it. I was given this
    > bird from my avian vet with the intent of a good home my sister
    > has much more experience with birds than I. But she doesnt have
    > access to a computer for the info I do. If any others on board can
    > help with the info sheet I need please do.Thanks. Kathy

    I breed the African species but not the Meyers. Mine inclued
    Senegals, Red Bellied and Jardines.
    As far as specific care for them, they would receive the care that
    all birds should receive.
    Their cage should be ample in size. A 24"x24" or larger would be
    perfect. Provide them with toys and other interesting items that
    they migh enjoy such as wood for chewing.
    Many like to bathe, so regular bath bowls should be provided, or if
    the bird is hand tame, showers.
    Their diet should consist of fresh vegetables, dark leafy greens,
    some fruits, pellets, seeds, nuts, sprouts and soaked seeds.
    Not knowing the history of this bird, it may take a while for the
    bird to learn to accept some new foods, but usually over time, they
    Place the cage in an active part of the home where the bird will
    receive lots of attention. If natural sunlight isn't available, then
    some form of full spectrum artificial lighting to keep the bird
    healthy should be used.
    Of course veterinary care when necessary as well as yearly wellness
    checks at an avian vet.
    And lots of lots of love!
    It's not a care sheet, but it's pretty much what you would need to
    provide any bird with a great life.
    And of course, a book that your sister may read at her leisure since
    she doesn't have access to the internet.

    Michael L