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Re: meyers parrot

Posted by Cheryl on 4/25/05
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    > Some folks have 'theories' that involve head shape, tail
    > shape, pelvic inspection, etc. but the only way for accurate
    > determination is DNA sexing.

    > Michael L

    If I went by theories, Darby would be a male. She has the flat
    head, had my Avian vet feel the pelvic bone, (mind you this vet
    has been an Avian vet for MANY years and is very experienced)
    and she said that although obviously, she could only venture a
    guess, she was pretty sure Darby was a male because the pelvic
    bones were so close together. I had second Avian vet feel for
    the same thing and that one agreed with the first vet...LOL

    Darby is 100% girl, so please don;t go by those
    silly "theories."