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Re: Meyers Talking

Posted by Michael L on 4/26/05
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    On 4/26/05, KC wrote:
    > I may be getting a little neglected Meyers today. He is
    > about 6 years old and came from a family who badly
    > neglected him when their baby came. What was once a
    > beautiful loving boy turning into a sad little plucked
    > chicken. My bird people took him back and are rehabbing
    > him and say he is THE sweetest birdie they have ever dealt
    > with and "talks a blue streak." My question is what is a
    > typical repitoire of words for a Meyers (one or two
    > phrases? Mimics?). I am used to cockatiels.

    Congratulations on your new friend. It sounds as if his life
    is taking an upward turn coming to live with you.
    Meyers, like tha other Poicephalus, have soft, almost robotic
    voices. Many speak clearly, but you have to listen closely
    as they are not loud or boisterous. Not having had
    cockatiels I can't compare for certainty, but I would imagine
    They do speak phrases as well as mimic sounds. I found a Red
    Bellied several years back. Her first words to me when I
    picked her up (literally off the ground) were "put me down!"
    She's since learned new words and phrases as well as
    imitating other bird sounds that are in my home.
    You will really enjoy your Meyers if he is as sweet as they
    told you.
    Best of luck with him.

    Michael L