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Re: Red belly question

Posted by Debby on 4/26/05
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    Cheryl I wish I could help you out, it sounds like Darby is a
    fantastic bird. I dont' have a Red Belly and never have owned
    one. I will say however that my ringneck parakeet had the same
    habit, he just loved to ride around on my head. He to was not
    dominant by doing so. Maybe they just feel so comfortable with
    us, that they just ventured up to our heads one day and
    thought nothing of it? Mine will take strands of my hair and
    pull it through his beak.

    I just didn't want you to think your post was over looked. I
    saw it but since I have never had a Red Belly didn't think I
    should answer you. Maybe someone who has a Red Belly might
    come along and you can compare notes. In the meantime it
    sounds like you have one fantastic bird!

    Love the name Darby!


    > I have a female Red Belly, named Darby, who just turned 13
    > months old. I brought her home when she had just turned 3
    > months old. I am very "large bird" experienced, but never
    > had any from the Poicephalus family until Darby.
    > She and I have, from the day I met her and brought her
    > home, always had a very bonded, close and loving
    > relationship. In fact, she chose me as her "mate" quite
    > early on. I give very consistant and loving training from
    > early on, and Darby has never even so much as attempted an
    > actual bite, didn't even go through the nippy adolesent
    > stage, except for maybe 2 or 3 times when she tried to
    > assert soem independence, to which I had her do some step
    > ups, and she calmed right down. She has been doing
    > the "bat dance" forever now, where she drops her wings,
    > makes her "I am in love" noises, usually when she is on my
    > lap. I don't encourage it, I just don't pay attention and
    > she snaps out of it after a couple minutes. She never even
    > tried to become a shoulder bird, and is only on my shoulder
    > very rarely, when I am the one to put here up there, and
    > she steps up when I want her down right away.
    > She let's me do anything to her, is very playful and
    > interactive, and is a total joy to be around. Honestly, a
    > perfect bird!
    > Anyway, she has a new "habit" and I want to know if it is
    > dominance related, or hormone related, but I tend to think
    > neither, since she always steps right up for me without any
    > fuss and never gets into a bad mood at all. Here is what
    > she has been doign as of late, when she I have put her onto
    > my shoudler first: She now likes to get on the top of my
    > head and hang out there, chewing my barrettes and just
    > riding up there. I know that in the bird world, the higher
    > the perch, the more dominance the bird has, but her
    > personality is always just as loving and affectionate as
    > always even when she is up there. This is a new behavior,
    > she has never even attemted climbing on top of my head
    > before the last couple weeks.
    > Can someone shed any light on my bird's new behavior?
    > Thank you!
    > Cheryl