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Re: Red belly question

Posted by Cheryl on 4/27/05
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    On 4/26/05, Debby wrote:
    > Cheryl I wish I could help you out, it sounds like Darby is a
    > fantastic bird. I dont' have a Red Belly and never have owned
    > one. I will say however that my ringneck parakeet had the same
    > habit, he just loved to ride around on my head. He to was not
    > dominant by doing so. Maybe they just feel so comfortable with
    > us, that they just ventured up to our heads one day and
    > thought nothing of it? Mine will take strands of my hair and
    > pull it through his beak.
    > I just didn't want you to think your post was over looked. I
    > saw it but since I have never had a Red Belly didn't think I
    > should answer you. Maybe someone who has a Red Belly might
    > come along and you can compare notes. In the meantime it
    > sounds like you have one fantastic bird!
    > Love the name Darby!
    > Debby

    Hi Debby.

    Thanks so much for your response! I think that most bird
    quirks are universal, so answers are fair game no matter what
    kind of parrot someone has...LOL

    Darby likes to climb all over my head, front, sides, back...It
    is hilarious!

    Thanks again,