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Re: Red belly question/ Cheryl

Posted by Michael L on 4/29/05
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    On 4/29/05, Cheryl wrote:
    > I must say that I am disappointed in the lack of response to my
    > question...(I was hoping for more than one, anyway).
    > This board never really seems to "take off" and is starting to be
    > a very poor source of information, since it seems that no one
    > really ever posts here on a regular basis. **Michael, you are
    > usually really great as far as providing people answers, but I
    > guess my question didn't interest you.
    > Maybe it is time to go somewhere else?

    Sorry to hear your disappointed. Let me explain this to you so
    that there isn't any further confusion or future misunderstanding.
    I'm responding to you personally since you directed a question to
    1. I am not the only person who has, raises or keeps Poicephalus
    now or in the past.
    2. I am not employed by Birdmart and therefore not contracted or
    obligated to answer any or all questions. I answer what I am able
    to or as you imply "what interest's me."
    3. My life is not fashioned to meet or exceed the expectations of
    others. Sorry if you believed otherwise.

    Honestly Cheryl? Go back and read your question. Your bird
    climbed to your head, played in your hair and was happy as a clam.
    Why does this have to have a reason? She did it because she felt
    like it. No harm, no foul. It means nothing in the scheme of bird
    behavior. If on her way back down she stopped and ripped your
    eyelashes out, then that might warrant some detailed explanation of
    cause or reason. While it was in reference to a Red Bellied, it
    was a general behavior question and could have been answered by

    If I, or the Birdmart Poicephalus board is not fulfilling what you
    feel is essential for you understand your bird's behavior then only
    you can decide whether to stay or not?

    Michael L