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Re: Red belly question/ Cheryl

Posted by Cheryl on 4/29/05
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    > Cheryl,
    > Sorry to hear your disappointed. Let me explain this to you so
    > that there isn't any further confusion or future misunderstanding.
    > I'm responding to you personally since you directed a question to
    > me.
    > 1. I am not the only person who has, raises or keeps Poicephalus
    > now or in the past.
    > 2. I am not employed by Birdmart and therefore not contracted or
    > obligated to answer any or all questions. I answer what I am able
    > to or as you imply "what interest's me."
    > 3. My life is not fashioned to meet or exceed the expectations of
    > others. Sorry if you believed otherwise.
    > Honestly Cheryl? Go back and read your question. Your bird
    > climbed to your head, played in your hair and was happy as a clam.
    > Why does this have to have a reason? She did it because she felt
    > like it. No harm, no foul. It means nothing in the scheme of bird
    > behavior. If on her way back down she stopped and ripped your
    > eyelashes out, then that might warrant some detailed explanation of
    > cause or reason. While it was in reference to a Red Bellied, it
    > was a general behavior question and could have been answered by
    > anyone.
    > If I, or the Birdmart Poicephalus board is not fulfilling what you
    > feel is essential for you understand your bird's behavior then only
    > you can decide whether to stay or not?
    > Michael L

    Goodness gracious, a thousand apologies if I offended you! I only
    mentioned your name because it seems that you are usually the only
    person here that consistantly answers people's questions, and I was
    interested in hearing what you ahd to say, since this is a brand new
    behavior in my bird, and I know that you breed Red Bellies! Yes, my
    bird does this new behavior happily. I wasn't insinuating anything
    was wrong with my bird's behavior, I was just interested to know if
    anyone else's bird engaged in the same thing and hoped to have a
    discussion on what it possibly means, again, since I have had the
    bird for over a year and this is only in the past 2 weeks.
    As far as your life "not fashioned to meet or exceed the expectations
    of others", I have no idea where that came from. I have never been
    rude to you at all, in fact, I posted a recommendation to someone
    asking about breeders here, based on your answers to other posts!
    I must say, that I find your sarcasm totally uncalled for, and if
    this is the response I get simply becasue I had the *nerve* to seek
    your personal opinion (which I had valued), then you're right...Time
    for me to seek out another board.
    Sorry to have interrupted your day, Michael. All my best to you and
    your birds.