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Re: Red belly question/ Cheryl

Posted by Penny on 4/30/05
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    On 4/29/05, Cheryl wrote:
    >> Cheryl,
    >> Sorry to hear your disappointed. Let me explain this to you so
    >> that there isn't any further confusion or future misunderstanding.
    >> I'm responding to you personally since you directed a question to
    >> me.
    >> 1. I am not the only person who has, raises or keeps Poicephalus
    >> now or in the past.
    >> 2. I am not employed by Birdmart and therefore not contracted or
    >> obligated to answer any or all questions. I answer what I am able
    >> to or as you imply "what interest's me."
    >> 3. My life is not fashioned to meet or exceed the expectations of
    >> others. Sorry if you believed otherwise.
    >> Honestly Cheryl? Go back and read your question. Your bird
    >> climbed to your head, played in your hair and was happy as a clam.
    >> Why does this have to have a reason? She did it because she felt
    >> like it. No harm, no foul. It means nothing in the scheme of bird
    >> behavior. If on her way back down she stopped and ripped your
    >> eyelashes out, then that might warrant some detailed explanation of
    >> cause or reason. While it was in reference to a Red Bellied, it
    >> was a general behavior question and could have been answered by
    >> anyone.
    >> If I, or the Birdmart Poicephalus board is not fulfilling what you
    >> feel is essential for you understand your bird's behavior then only
    >> you can decide whether to stay or not?
    >> Michael L
    > Goodness gracious, a thousand apologies if I offended you! I only
    > mentioned your name because it seems that you are usually the only
    > person here that consistantly answers people's questions, and I was
    > interested in hearing what you ahd to say, since this is a brand new
    > behavior in my bird, and I know that you breed Red Bellies! Yes, my
    > bird does this new behavior happily. I wasn't insinuating anything
    > was wrong with my bird's behavior, I was just interested to know if
    > anyone else's bird engaged in the same thing and hoped to have a
    > discussion on what it possibly means, again, since I have had the
    > bird for over a year and this is only in the past 2 weeks.
    > As far as your life "not fashioned to meet or exceed the expectations
    > of others", I have no idea where that came from. I have never been
    > rude to you at all, in fact, I posted a recommendation to someone
    > asking about breeders here, based on your answers to other posts!
    > I must say, that I find your sarcasm totally uncalled for, and if
    > this is the response I get simply becasue I had the *nerve* to seek
    > your personal opinion (which I had valued), then you're right...Time
    > for me to seek out another board.
    > Sorry to have interrupted your day, Michael. All my best to you and
    > your birds.
    > Cheryl
    Please do not let Michael's nasty post chase you away. We need all the
    *consistently* nice people here we can get. The poicephalus board has
    never really seemed to get many posts, so I would suggest you post to
    the parrot board instead with your questions. There are a lot more
    readers there and a lot of generic questions, such as yours.
    As for your specific question, I have a TAG and she used to do a
    similar thing. I do not believe it is a dominance or hormone thing. I
    think it is a bonding behavior. Birds that are mated or are in the
    wild always preen each other's heads to remove pin feather sheaths and
    probably also because it feels good. I think this is what your bird is
    doing, preening you, especially since you describe her as going after
    your hair and barrettes. She sees the barrettes, perhaps, as something
    that should be removed. My TAG used to like to do the same thing but
    after getting my hair pooped on a couple of times, I decided to put a
    stop to it. Now, when I put hot curlers in my hair, she will sit on my
    shoulder and try to pick them out. Other times, she will just preen my
    hair. Your bird sounds wonderfully bonded to you, but if you decide to
    let her continue to perch on your head, be ready to wash your hair a