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Re: Red belly question/ Cheryl

Posted by Michael L on 4/30/05
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    On 4/30/05, Penny wrote:
    > Please do not let Michael's nasty post chase you away. We need all the
    > *consistently* nice people here we can get. The poicephalus board has
    > never really seemed to get many posts, so I would suggest you post to
    > the parrot board instead with your questions. There are a lot more
    > readers there and a lot of generic questions, such as yours.
    > As for your specific question, I have a TAG and she used to do a
    > similar thing. I do not believe it is a dominance or hormone thing. I
    > think it is a bonding behavior. Birds that are mated or are in the
    > wild always preen each other's heads to remove pin feather sheaths and
    > probably also because it feels good. I think this is what your bird is
    > doing, preening you, especially since you describe her as going after
    > your hair and barrettes. She sees the barrettes, perhaps, as something
    > that should be removed. My TAG used to like to do the same thing but
    > after getting my hair pooped on a couple of times, I decided to put a
    > stop to it. Now, when I put hot curlers in my hair, she will sit on my
    > shoulder and try to pick them out. Other times, she will just preen my
    > hair. Your bird sounds wonderfully bonded to you, but if you decide to
    > let her continue to perch on your head, be ready to wash your hair a
    > lot.

    I'm not surprised to see that you could not live up to your part of the
    bargain that we stop reading each other's postings. I upheld my end and
    have yet, until now, respond to anything you posted. Your veracity has
    exceeded my expectations along with your credibility.

    I do apologize to you for the strong wording of my response. While I
    remain true to my statement that I cannot answer all postings either by
    convenience or choice, my harsh words were nothing more than misdirected
    anger that was more appropriately intended for another. Unfortunately,
    the tone that I perceived in your posting was reminiscent of someone's
    feeble attempt to demean me. I sincerely apologize for comparing and
    categorizing you into that class. You most certainly did not deserve it.

    Michael L

    Michael L