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Re: Red belly question/ Cheryl

Posted by Debby on 5/01/05
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    HIya Cheryl, I was the only person who had answered your post in the
    beginning. Now I've just read this whole thread. When you posted about people
    not responding, it did sound to me like you were being "sarcastic" to Michael
    in your post about him not responding as it didn't interest him.

    When we type on the internet it can be interperted in different way according
    to whom reads it. They are just typed words and we cannot hear a tone, or see
    a face when reading it. If Michael did take your post the wrong way, at least
    he was man enough to apologize to you about it. That is more than I can say
    for alot of people on this board. Michael is a very honest man, a very
    knowledgeable man whom you can learn a great deal from. Just because he has
    problems with another person on this chatboard, doesn't mean that you should
    "jump on that ban wagon" sort of speak. We are adults here, and to me when an
    adult apologizes with the sincerity that Michael had, we should accept the
    apology. That is of course unless we like to hold grudges for whatever reason.
    If that is the case, life will be very unhappy for someone like that. It was
    an honest mistake on Michaels part, he truly thought you singled him out and
    was giving him heck for not answering. I can see where he would have thought

    Michael is not a "guru" as someone else has said. In other words someone was
    saying he was trying to control females, or be the big shot of the board. I
    find this rather ridiculous!! Michael has enough information in his head to
    have that title, but being the unselfish person that he is, he takes his time
    in here and via email to answer all the questions that he can, while he takes
    care of his home and his flock, and all his other personal affairs. He doesn't
    want that title!

    We all have bad days Cheryl, so as I said before, he apologized, don't just
    chalk him off as a "rude" person. Thats so not Michael. Just read his posts
    sometime when you have a few moments, he truly is a wealth of knowledge and
    would help anyone at anytime.

    Thanks for listening

    >> Cheryl,
    >> I do apologize to you for the strong wording of my response. While I
    >> remain true to my statement that I cannot answer all postings either by
    >> convenience or choice, my harsh words were nothing more than misdirected
    >> anger that was more appropriately intended for another. Unfortunately,
    >> the tone that I perceived in your posting was reminiscent of someone's
    >> feeble attempt to demean me. I sincerely apologize for comparing and
    >> categorizing you into that class. You most certainly did not deserve it.
    >> Michael L
    >> Michael L
    > Hmmm, thanks, but I must say that if your first response to the "perceived
    > tone" of a stranger's message board post is to try to belittle them and
    > make them feel like an idiot, you have a problem. No one deserves to be
    > treated that way, especially someone who you do not know, but I am sure you
    > don't need me to tell you that.
    > Cheryl