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Re: Red belly question

Posted by Penny on 5/01/05
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    The fact is, I would have made my post no matter who made the "nasty"
    statements. I always champion the underdog, regardless of who is doing the
    belittling. I also could not bear for Cheryl to think that everybody on this
    board thought it was OK for her to be treated this way, and I did not want a new
    person to be chased away. I waited for someone else to do the right thing, but
    no one did. I also believe now that Michael wouldn't have apologized if I hadn't
    responded that I thought his post was nasty. The fact that someone knows a lot
    does not give him the right to belittle people. The fact that you are defending
    him shows that you think that, as long as he is nice to you, that it is ok that
    he mistreats other people. Personally, I wouldn't have a friend that I couldn't
    count on to be nice to strangers, too.