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Re: Red belly question/Penny

Posted by Debby on 5/01/05
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    Penny as I wrote before, Michael seemed like Cheryl picked him out of all the people
    on the board and directed her comment to him. We being human beings, and not perfect
    sometimes act before we speak, including Michael. I think Michael would have
    apologized even if you didn't post anything after he read Cheryls explanation to
    him. Thats just how Michael is. Michael is the LAST one to want to chase away anyone
    knew to these boards. I've seen him help countless of new posters on here. I admire
    him yes I do for that. There are times when I read posts and don't answer to people
    as well.

    I don't think that because Michael is nice to me that he can belittle anyone. And as
    I said before this was just a plan ole case of him thinking she was singling him out
    of this whole entire crowd. If you read her post it does sound that way. But as I
    said before this is the internet with typing of words. We cannot see or hear the
    tone of a persons voice. Michael didn't know this Cheryl from Adam, so I can see why
    he got defensive, why can't you?

    He apologized from his heart, not because you made a comment. That I would bet my
    last dollar on. When someone apologizes shouldn't we as good hearted people except
    the apology and maybe just maybe give the person the benefit of the doubt that he
    sincerely took the post another way?

    There have been too many people coming on this board with different names to start
    trouble. Look at what happened to Kitty, and how nasty and mean they were. That is
    just a person that truly has a black heart. I sure wouldn't put Michael in that
    catagory at all.

    Please read her post again, it did look like she singled him out. Nothing against
    Cheryl I was the one who answered her in the first place. Nothing against anyone
    here. I can see though how this can happen on the internet.

    Im sorry you and Michael don't get along, but the majority of us on here value
    Michaels knowledge of the bird world. He has been doing this since he was a child,
    now a grown adult. Again, I really never see Michael being rude to new people what
    so ever.


    > The fact is, I would have made my post no matter who made the "nasty"
    > statements. I always champion the underdog, regardless of who is doing the
    > belittling. I also could not bear for Cheryl to think that everybody on this
    > board thought it was OK for her to be treated this way, and I did not want a new
    > person to be chased away. I waited for someone else to do the right thing, but
    > no one did. I also believe now that Michael wouldn't have apologized if I hadn't
    > responded that I thought his post was nasty. The fact that someone knows a lot
    > does not give him the right to belittle people. The fact that you are defending
    > him shows that you think that, as long as he is nice to you, that it is ok that
    > he mistreats other people. Personally, I wouldn't have a friend that I couldn't
    > count on to be nice to strangers, too.