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Re: Red belly question/Cheryl

Posted by Debby on 5/01/05
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    That was a nice post. Thank you for that. You do sound like a mature adult *s* . as far as
    me posting here, Im sorry I don't post on this board as I don't have these kinds of birds. I
    rarely even read it :-(. However, if you look around on other boards Im there. Welcome
    Cheryl. I've never seen ya before. I hope next time we chat, its about something that both
    of us can help the other with.


    > I just wanted to say that I really wish that this whole thing would just "go away." I
    > never expected the resultign "blow up" and do apologise that the board is now up in
    > arms...But hey, at least it got people posting!
    > As far as singling Michael out, that was not my intention. I only mentioned his name in
    > my post because his is the only name I always see here, and it seemed to me that he was
    > the only "regular" ever posting.
    > I do respect his knowledge, which is why I was quick to post a recommendation of him when
    > someone posted askign for a breeder referral.
    > In any case, Michael and I are both adults, and I am sure will hold no grudges. I have
    > also had parrots for about 20 years, at least, and consider myself to be quite
    > knowledgable too...So I have been told, anyway...)
    > Forgive and forget, so let's please MOVE ON, but please, people, don't leave! I hate
    > coming here, looking for posts, and never finding any...There has to be many Poicephalus
    > lovers out there who could keep this board going. It seems like it would be really great
    > if more knowledgable people posted!
    > Take care,
    > Cheryl