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Re: Red belly question/Cheryl

Posted by Michael L on 5/01/05
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    On 5/01/05, Cheryl wrote:
    > I just wanted to say that I really wish that this whole thing would just "go away." I
    > never expected the resultign "blow up" and do apologise that the board is now up in
    > arms...But hey, at least it got people posting!
    > As far as singling Michael out, that was not my intention. I only mentioned his name in
    > my post because his is the only name I always see here, and it seemed to me that he was
    > the only "regular" ever posting.
    > I do respect his knowledge, which is why I was quick to post a recommendation of him when
    > someone posted askign for a breeder referral.
    > In any case, Michael and I are both adults, and I am sure will hold no grudges. I have
    > also had parrots for about 20 years, at least, and consider myself to be quite
    > knowledgable too...So I have been told, anyway...)
    > Forgive and forget, so let's please MOVE ON, but please, people, don't leave! I hate
    > coming here, looking for posts, and never finding any...There has to be many Poicephalus
    > lovers out there who could keep this board going. It seems like it would be really great
    > if more knowledgable people posted!
    > Take care,
    > Cheryl

    When I apologized I meant it. I hold no grudges towards you whatsoever.
    You, unfortunately, were put into the middle of something that has been going on between
    Penny and myself for a while.
    She lies in wait to have the opportunity to attack me. A woman scorned doesn't even begin
    to shed the proper light on the subject.
    Please don't feel that you started anything. You didn't.
    Looking forward to seeing you and hopefully we can exchange some bird ideas and thoughts?

    Michael L