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Re: Red belly question/Penny

Posted by Debby on 5/01/05
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    ~heavy heavy sigh~

    Penny, I didn't want to believe that you truly did have to have the last word. I gave you the
    benefit of the doubt and never said one nasty or awful thing about you. Cheryl and Michael have
    made ammends. Isn't that enough? Can't this thread end? Why did you have to come back and keep
    it going with these words. Its obvious you and Michael don't get along, and probably never will.
    To me this was totally uncalled for. The two people that had "words" in this thread, have let
    things go, I think you should have as well. Why do you have to have the last word?

    I see alot of anger coming from you Penny , and for that Im really sorry! Not everyone can see
    eye to eye, as is what is happening between you and Michael. Just let it go. Those of us who
    appreciate Michael will not be swayed by these kinds of posts about him. Those of us who
    appreciate you will not be swayed with Michaels posts as well. This gets old real fast. As far
    as Im concerned this is the end now. Okay?


    >> She lies in wait to have the opportunity to attack me.
    > --------------
    > Really, Michael, do you have aliens watching your house, too? Interesting how you are now
    > making me out to be the bad guy, when it was you who made the original post. Why don't you
    > go back and re-read your own post, and then, tell me who's the miserable one? Don't worry, I
    > won't be wasting any more of my precious time on you. Adios.