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Re: About feather fram nestbox

Posted by Phyl. on 4/30/05
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    On 4/30/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 4/30/05, Holly wrote:
    >> Hi......Any one know a web site sell feather fram metal
    >> nestboxs? And the site has free catalog to order! Need boot
    >> one for pair senegals! Thanx
    > Would be (check your spelling if you're
    > trying to Google it)
    No disrespect to Holly ( as I have a georgeous husband who
    is not the world's best speller) :) but hey Robin
    you win the medal for the best decipherer I have met, as I read
    that over and over and even stood on my head but could not
    underconstumble it at all....
    er could it be as you are also the World's best word makerupper
    maybe lol. Have to admit I do not mind making up a word if one
    just does not fit the bill either of course just if the
    situation decrees it :)