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Re: About feather fram nestbox

Posted by Robin P. on 5/01/05
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    On 4/30/05, Phyl. wrote:
    No disrespect to Holly ( as I have a georgeous husband who
    > is not the world's best speller) :) but hey Robin
    > you win the medal for the best decipherer I have met, as I read
    > that over and over and even stood on my head but could not
    > underconstumble it at all....
    > er could it be as you are also the World's best word makerupper
    > maybe lol. Have to admit I do not mind making up a word if one
    > just does not fit the bill either of course just if the
    > situation decrees it :)
    > Phyl.

    The Ex was one of the worst spellers you'd ever see as well,and
    we talked online for a LONG time before we ever met,I speak typo
    and misspell very well :)