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Re: Red mutation of Senegal - Yeah it's true!/ Karen

Posted by Michael L on 5/02/05
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    On 5/02/05, KarenH wrote:
    > At the bird sale yesterday a guy had a Senegal for sale and
    > a "rare red mutation Senegal" for sale. It had red where the
    > orange should be. I had to laugh. I told the guy it wasn't a
    > Senegal but a red belly but he wouldn't believe me. At $1800
    > he thought he had something new there. I wonder why no one
    > bought it?
    > Karen

    I hope you were right that it was a Red Bellied, because
    there is a rare, red-breasted Senegal. Don't know that I
    would pay $1800 for it, but It's worth quite a bit more than
    the yellow or orange-breasted.

    Michael L