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Re: Red mutation of Senegal - Yeah it's true!

Posted by Cheryl on 5/02/05
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    On 5/02/05, KarenH wrote:
    > At the bird sale yesterday a guy had a Senegal for sale and
    > a "rare red mutation Senegal" for sale. It had red where the
    > orange should be. I had to laugh. I told the guy it wasn't a
    > Senegal but a red belly but he wouldn't believe me. At $1800
    > he thought he had something new there. I wonder why no one
    > bought it?
    > Karen

    The guy must not know too much about birds, since Red Bellies
    and Senegals look TOTALLY different. There are no mistaking
    them for eachother, no matter what colors they are. They
    don't even have the same eye color, and their body colors are
    not even in the same areas of the body!