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Re: Red mutation of Senegal - Yeah it's true!

Posted by KarenH on 5/02/05
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    It looked like a normal red bellie to me. karen

    On 5/02/05, Michae L wrote:
    > On 5/02/05, KarenH wrote:
    >> I was going to post a "You're kidding, right?" But then a
    >> picture. The red didn't go in a V like that but was all over the
    >> chest and abdomen. To me it looked like a red bellied. However I
    >> didn't know there was a red mutation Senegal. See I do learn
    >> something every day on these chats.
    > Karen,
    > Now why would I steer you, of all people, wrong? LOL
    > From your description you're probably right that it was a Red
    > Bellied, but if it had the under tail coloration like the
    > Senegal, it may have been the elusive Red Senegal?
    > Michael L