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Re: Need advice w/ Senegal

Posted by Robin P. on 5/04/05
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    Hehehe,I'm sorry,but it cracks me up when a bird outsmarts
    the owner.(and I have suffered many bites,so no offense)You
    have a VERY smart Sennie there,although he's ornery.He knows
    if he puts his foot out,you'll put your hand up,and he can
    get you.He's got you trained.
    What you have to do there is flip the tables on him.Do not
    let him be the one to initiate "step-ups",make sure he's only
    doing it on command.
    I'm sure you have heard that Sennies are mainly one-person
    birds,they do tend to bond with a person,and it doesn't
    matter who it is,and more often than not it's NOT the person
    that feeds them,cleans their cage,and takes care of them.