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Re: Need advice w/ Senegal

Posted by Cheryl on 5/04/05
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    On 5/04/05, ChrisNY wrote:
    > Hello, I hope you guys can give me some tips. I have a
    > 3y/o male Sennie, we've had him since he was weaned. He is
    > more attached to my husband than me, though he will allow
    > me to scratch his head and hold him (if he is brought to me
    > by my husband). He also mimics me the most.
    > The problem is that lately when he goes to step up he puts
    > out his foot and initiates the step up, like he wants to
    > see me. This happens near his cage or even in another room
    > on a perch. As soon as he is on my hand he viciously bites
    > me and WON'T LET GO! I immediatly drop my hand to the
    > floor (with him still on his death grip) until he lets go.
    > I know your not supposed to react but this freaking hurts,
    > he is drawing blood and I have open wounds all over my left
    > hand. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Chris

    Hi Chris.

    You mention that your bird is now 3 years old. The bites
    could be hormonal, since, at 3, a Sennie is now an adult. He
    is smart enough to lure you to him. I think that the males
    tend to get more moody than the females. (Anyone agree?) I
    suggest that until his moods even out a little bit (they
    should) you start usign a hand held perch for him instead of
    your hand. Poicephalus can be very cage territorial, so
    start using a hand held perch when removing him from the
    cage, and picking him up in general. Always remove him from
    the cage before you clean itm change toys, or feed him. If
    he does get you, you need to tell him "no" in a firm (not
    yelling, as that would be a reward) voice. Dropping your
    hand in an "earthquake" motion is OK, but remember not to
    yell, scream, or act dramatic. Just put him down and let him
    cool off.
    I remember once when I was bitten by a Cockatoo. I reached
    into the cage, and the bird nailed me. I remained calm in
    front of the bird, and anyone with Cockatoo exoperience knows
    this is hard when you have just been bitten...I calmly walked
    up the hall, out into the garage, and started balling my eyes
    out because it hurt so bad...LOL