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Re: I'm sure this has been covered before...

Posted by Cheryl on 5/04/05
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    On 5/04/05, Kels wrote:
    > Hello all, I'm in the process of trying to find a local (or
    > moderatly local, at least in the state of florida) breeder
    > of Red Belly's. If anyone knows of one, or a couple, or
    > knows where I might can locate one, I'd greatly appreciate
    > it. I live in SW Florida and can find breeders for Senegals
    > all over the place, but no red belly's, it's kinda
    > frustrating. Anyhoo, thanks in advance!!!
    > ~Kels

    I don't know of any personally, but you might want to look in
    the back of Bird Talk magazine for your area, or ask the
    breeders of the Senegals if they know of anyone. As always,
    even if you are referred to someone, and even if they are
    listed in Bird Talk, do your own research, ask your own
    questions, and ask for referrals and do call them.

    Good luck,