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Re: I'm sure this has been covered before...

Posted by Cheryl on 5/04/05
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    On 5/04/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > Orlando Bird Show-
    > End of the month.

    Just a side note...If you buy a bird from a bird show/fair,
    please take the bird to yoru Avian vet ASAP for blood work, etc,
    and keep the bird strictly quarantined from any existing birds
    for at least 30 days.

    Of course, this should be done regardless of where you purchase
    your bird, but when you buy from a "show" the chances may be
    higher of a bacterial infection, etc...simply based on the shear
    number of birds at the place.

    I have been to many, and am constantly surprised at the
    venders/breeders that allow any yutz to walk up and touch their
    birds without even rubbing the sanitizer into their hands, right
    after they have just handled another venders birds! I have went
    to far as to ask about sanitizer (if I don;t see any) jsut to see
    what their reply will be, and have bene told, oh, it's "OK"...UGH