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Re: need some advice

Posted by Michael L on 5/06/05
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    On 5/06/05, Kels wrote:
    > I'm in a pickle, and would like some advice on how to handle
    > it. My neighbor has a B&G Macaw and a Red Belly, she and her
    > boyfriend (she lived at his house) have split, and it's been
    > over 6 weeks since she moved, and hasn't come back for her
    > birds yet. He doesn't want the animals (there is a cat and
    > dog as well) but he doesn't want to just give her pets away.
    > He has given her ample time to come and get them (she has
    > even come to the house a couple of times to pick some of her
    > stuff up, but left the animals) but he has told me that I
    > can have the birds if she doesn't come and get them. I don't
    > really want the macaw (they are way too loud for my home,
    > and I'm terribly afraid of their beaks lol) but I don't want
    > to see her go to the humane society or anything, now he is
    > out of town and I am kinda keeping an eye on the birds to
    > make sure they have food and water and whatnot, and he has
    > told me that if she isn't there by saturday, to come and get
    > them and do whatever I want with them. I don't want to take
    > her pets from her, but it really seems like she doesn't care
    > much about them right now. If you were in this position,
    > what would you do?

    As simple as his offer sounds, it could come with
    repercussions and possible legal concerns.
    If he is considering himself the owner of these birds, he
    should give you a statement stating this and that he has
    given these birds to you without charge. Doesn't have to be
    fancy, but it should have a date and include both of your
    Reason for this is he may have second thoughts or the ex
    girlfriend may take actions against you.
    I realize it may sound far fetched, but more strange things
    have happened when relationships go sour.
    Regardless of your decision, I would hope that appropriate
    homes can be found for all the animals n question before they
    suffer at the hands of neglect or indifference.
    Good luck to you.

    Michael L