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Re: need some advice

Posted by Kelsey on 5/07/05
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    On 5/06/05, Cheryl wrote:
    >> As simple as his offer sounds, it could come with
    >> repercussions and possible legal concerns.
    >> If he is considering himself the owner of these birds, he
    >> should give you a statement stating this and that he has
    >> given these birds to you without charge. Doesn't have to be
    >> fancy, but it should have a date and include both of your
    >> signatures.
    >> Reason for this is he may have second thoughts or the ex
    >> girlfriend may take actions against you.
    >> I realize it may sound far fetched,

    I have talked to him about this because I didn't want to get
    attached to them and then her come and get them. He said he would
    gladly sign a bill of sale type thing stating that he gave them to
    me so she couldn't get me into trouble over it. as far as I know,
    since it has been over a month and he has given her many chances
    to come and get them and it's his house, by law everything of hers
    in the house (including the animals) is his to do what he wishes
    with them.

    > The other thing is (and it is a major one) is that you shouldn't
    > take in a bird (especially a parrot of any kind) unless you had
    > already decided (before this "offer" was made) that you do
    > indeed want to share your home with a parrot.

    I have had a TAG in the past (she was lost unfortunatly when I
    left her with my parents for the weekend, she got spooked and we
    still thought her wings were clipped enough that she couldn't fly
    seems how she never tried to fly at my house :( ) and it was
    terribly losing her, but I know that whether it be these birds
    (the neighbors) or I get a baby, I will have another parrot before
    too long.

    > If you don't take the birds, then there are parrot rescues that
    > you can call, but please be sure that they are reputable...I'd
    > try PEAC (they are out of San Diego, CA). If they can't take
    > them, I am sure they'd be able to point you towards someone who
    > could, or at least give you some good advice.
    > Good luck, and please let us know the outcome!
    > Cheryl

    Thank you so much for the response, I know that for the animals
    I'm doing the right thing but I kept thinking in the back of my
    mind that I just needed to stay out of it. It's good to hear that
    I'm not crazy and other people see this as a problem too. I just
    feel so bad for them, I went over yesterday and took some of my
    TAG's food (nutri berry's, pellets, and various nuts) and you'd
    think those birds hadn't been fed in weeks. I will definetly let
    you know whats going on. I think I'm going to go over today and
    bring them to my house, and then if she comes back before he gets
    back into town to sign a bill of sale, she can have them back no
    problem, I just want them to be taken care of regardless of who is
    taking care of them.