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Re: need some advice

Posted by KC on 5/13/05
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    I've been in positions before to get neglected or abused animals...I
    have a chihuahua that was found as a baby wandering the streets
    infested with mange. I had a 22 year old cockatiel who came from a
    neglectful home where he had lived in small cage by himself for years
    with no attention, who I gave a GREAT home (with a lively flock) to
    his last year and a half...I have two parakeets who were going to
    be "set free" by their idiot owners, and now my little Meyers who is
    starved for attention. There is NOTHING in my life that quite makes
    me feel so warm and fuzzy and helping out an animal in need. As I do
    not have kids, I figure this is why I was put here on make
    some little animal have a happy life....and in return, it makes me
    feel SO GOOD.