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Re: Meyers-Thought they didn't talk much

Posted by Robin P. on 5/12/05
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    On 5/12/05, KC wrote:
    > Okay, I thought Meyers were the LEAST talkative of the
    > Poic. group. Does anyone have a Meyers that is a prolific
    > talker? I've had mine for a week now and I think I am
    > going to have to start writing down what he says because he
    > says SO MUCH...Cricket,I love you Cricket,Good Bird,Good
    > Boy,Good Morning,Step Up,Whatcha doin?,Lookin'
    > sharp!,*raspberry*,*purr*,meow,beep beep,Look at you,
    > Sushine,Buckets of blood(thanks to my roommate who wanted
    > him to be a pirate bird),Hey sport!,Hi baby...and untold
    > others (that was from ONE sitting! Is this NORMAL????

    I'm a firm believer that the speaking ability of any bird
    depends ALOT on who is teaching it to talk,and how it was
    raised.My mother has a Mitred conure that has a frightening
    vocabulary.Once my mother stepped on a piece of glass while
    passing the cage,I kid you not,she started cussing,the bird
    said "Oh my,did you hurt your foot?"
    She also says things like "Be Gentle!" when we are clipping
    someone's wings,or "I'm Thirsty! I want some Orange
    Juice!"..the worst is when you pass in front of her with wet
    hair,she'll say "Did you take a shower?"
    I had a Meyers that had about a ten word vocabulary,and I
    bet he could have picked up alot more.
    Someone spent alot of time teaching that bird,be thankful!!