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Re: Meyers-Thought they didn't talk much

Posted by KC on 5/12/05
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    Yep, I got him from a family who initially got him as a baby
    and took GREAT care of him, but then started having kids, and
    he was shoved aside until he plucked all his feathers out. He
    was removed from the family and I got him. His feathers are
    just growing in. He was obviously greatly loved ONCE. He is
    SWEET, not nippy, would be happy to spend 24/7 just sitting on
    your shoulder (yes, I'm sorry, it's true) and snooze. He's the
    first and only bird I have had on my shoulder for any period of
    time who did NOT mess with my earrings, glasses, etc. Amazing
    to me. I think they worked with him a LOT when they first got
    him. I don't think we have even touched on the extent of his
    vocabulary. More comes out every day...