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Re: Foot in mouth

Posted by KC on 5/13/05
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    Well, I gotta say I don't think my boy is neurotic, thank heavens.
    He had a really bad experience (but he did start out in an
    extremely loving environment before the people had kids,
    he has a good base) but my bird people feel it was totally
    environmental because he is the most MELLOW little fellow, not
    scared of anything, not phobic. But I can read him like a
    book...just before he starts talking up a storm he gets
    very "silly" with a lot of beak rubbing and then pops his foot in
    his mouth...he'll walk three steps and put another toe in his
    mouth...over and over. I asked my bird folks about it and they
    said it's nust a nervouse habit like someone who talks rocking from
    side to side on their feet. Does anyone else have a birdie who
    does this? It is REALLY FUNNY to watch. It reminds me of when a
    young child starts getting really silly...