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Re: Petco Senegal

Posted by Robin P. on 5/21/05
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    On 5/21/05, me wrote:
    > Hey! I work at PETCO and we take great care of our
    > birds...that's why the bird was so gets love from
    > the ughhhh PETCO workers...thanks for the insult

    If you work at Petco I am sure you are aware of the countless
    stories of abuse and neglect surrounding your company as a
    whole,and the wretched policies SOME of the stores have regarding
    their animals.
    If not you should be aware,if you take great care of your
    birds,your store is the exception to the rule,as there are many
    privately run Petco and other petstores that are.In general,Petco
    AS A COMPANY has terrible policies regarding their birds and
    other small animals.
    I've only ever been in maybe 5 Petco stores since they opened
    up,3 in FL,1 in GA,and 1 in SC,all were just horrible.
    So the only way you have to take offense or insult is IF you are
    one of those stores.