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Re: Petco Senegal

Posted by KarenH on 5/22/05
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    Hey me. It would be great to have all Petco employees such as
    yourself. But I'm with Robin here. I haven't found that to be true
    yet. I've been to 3 of the Petco stores near me at least once every
    couple of months.

    One time they had black masked lovebirds & peachfaced lovebirds in
    the same acrylic cage. There were a few masked lovebirds on the
    bottom of the cage crying for food i.e. not weaned. The PF lovebirds
    were tearing them up. I informed the manager and he actually told me
    they were "playing" and "that's what lovebirds do" I told him I
    raise lovebirds and those black masked aren't weaned. He didn't
    give a rat's a$$ and simply walked off.

    They also had a ton of golden Greek & Russian tortoises in a cage.
    So many that they were literally stacked. They could not walk, let
    alone turn around. No food, no water, no adequate basking spot. I
    informed the mgr about this one too. He said they didn't have room
    in the back to put the torts so they're all here. Well duh, don't
    order so many.

    The uromastyx's cage didn't have an appropriate basking spot. The
    temp in the cage was 75. I informed the mgr about this one too. He
    said, "Those lizards are the same temp as the snakes." Another duh.
    He knows nothing about these lizards and therefore should not stock
    them in his store. These animals were emaciated. They WILL NOT eat
    unless they have a basking spot of no less than 120. To them 75 is

    I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.

    On 5/21/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 5/21/05, me wrote:
    >> Hey! I work at PETCO and we take great care of our
    >> birds...that's why the bird was so gets love from
    >> the ughhhh PETCO workers...thanks for the insult
    > If you work at Petco I am sure you are aware of the countless
    > stories of abuse and neglect surrounding your company as a
    > whole,and the wretched policies SOME of the stores have regarding
    > their animals.
    > If not you should be aware,if you take great care of your
    > birds,your store is the exception to the rule,as there are many
    > privately run Petco and other petstores that are.In general,Petco
    > AS A COMPANY has terrible policies regarding their birds and
    > other small animals.
    > I've only ever been in maybe 5 Petco stores since they opened
    > up,3 in FL,1 in GA,and 1 in SC,all were just horrible.
    > So the only way you have to take offense or insult is IF you are
    > one of those stores.