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Re: Petco Senegal

Posted by Stacy on 5/23/05
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    There is a Petco near me in Michigan, and they are just as bad. They
    have a stack of flight cages they use for keets, finches and tiels.
    One of the keet cages had a dead one in it. I told one of the clerks,
    and she told me, "That's how they sleep". That's how they sleep?! I
    got the manager, and he removed the dead bird from the keet cage. I
    proceeded to show him the problems with the other birds. The tiels
    were so cramed in the cage some were on the floor, and you could tell
    they were uncomfortable. Unlike all the other ones that sat on the
    perch that ran all the way across the cage, eight of them had almost
    purple feet. The finches were horrible. They were plucking each
    other, and two had broken legs and it looked as if there was a toe on
    the food dish.

    At this point, I was not that much into the breeding as I am now- and
    even THEN I could tell you these were inadiquate if not life-
    threatening circumstances. The manager told me the clerk was new, and
    she did not know much about birds, and she might know more then he.
    How in sam hill did the posterboy of stupidity become the manager of
    a pet store if he knows NOTHING about pets? It's pretty bad when you
    have to convince a grown man that an animal is dead. Sorry, but I
    refuse to EVER buy a live animal from a place like that- even then I
    better be in a real deep need for something and it better be the last
    place open if I go there.