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Re: Petco Senegal

Posted by Robin P. on 5/24/05
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    There used to be a fantastic specialty bird shop here in town.They sold
    everything you could possibly need for your birdies,knew what they were
    doing with birds,handfed and raised their own babies,and had a vet tech
    on site.I miss that place.I would have worked there for free just to get
    to stay there all the time.
    There is another pet shop here in town where they had a splayed legged
    patty baby I nearly bought,the teenyboppers working in the store lied to
    me and told me they had tried fixing it's legs,and it had been in a
    splint "for weeks".This was my 5th visit to the store in about a month's
    time,and never had I seen that baby doing anything more than laying in
    the bottom of the cage.It generally chokes me to death to even go in the
    place,it's so dusty and cruddy.
    One of the teenyboppers went on to open her own store the next town
    over,she is a Pellet Nazi,and one of those nuts that tells people feeding
    their birds fresh veggies gives them diseases.She had a friend of mine in
    tears telling her how horrible it was that she fed her bird (BF Amazon)
    seed (which she does sell,imagine that) and let him eat dinner with them
    every night.They make him his own plate and everything.My friend is a
    health nut,nothing fried,lots of healthy stuff,and she thought she was
    doing good with her bird.(Which she is!!!)
    I could tell you the good and bad in ALOT of pet shops.I make it a point
    to go in one everywhere I go,and I used to travel ALOT.
    The problem I have with Petco is not with any one individual store,I'm
    sure like any there are some good and some bad,but with their
    POLICIES,published and unpublished about small animals.