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Re: Petco Senegal

Posted by on 5/24/05
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    God bless u which ever liked their PETCO....i am coming out and saying
    that i am a manager for a local Alex will probably love
    this.........But i do liason the rescues as I said and I do take in some
    of the relinquished pets we get.. Have a whole house full of critters as
    a matter of fact......My petco is a good one. We have one of those neat
    bird rooms you mentioned and i'd die to have in my house! And my bird
    specialist used to be a jr curator of birds at our local zoo. Our store
    is fairly new and we are starting up a bird knowledge program to the
    community. We also do school groups and talk about animal care and what
    make good pets and what don't. lol.....what i'd really like to see is
    them stop sending unweaned birds to us. (we do not sell them till they
    are weaned and seen by our avian vet) I don't think it is a very good
    practice even though my staff is well versed to hand feed. Petco also
    now sells no large birds....a very good move. I am proud of my store
    and of the knowledgable employees we have....this is the way to affect
    the industry....from the inside....working with people and making a
    difference for both....I find that usually lack of care by people is
    just a lack of knowlege not malice....thats where i like to
    help.....even if it is just my small drop of the bucket:) Oh and petco
    doesn't hire under 18...teenie boppers????

    On 5/24/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 5/23/05, Stacy wrote:
    >> There is a Petco near me in Michigan, and they are just as bad. They
    >> have a stack of flight cages they use for keets, finches and tiels.
    >> One of the keet cages had a dead one in it. I told one of the clerks,
    >> and she told me, "That's how they sleep". That's how they sleep?! I
    >> got the manager, and he removed the dead bird from the keet cage. I
    >> proceeded to show him the problems with the other birds. The tiels
    >> were so cramed in the cage some were on the floor, and you could tell
    >> they were uncomfortable. Unlike all the other ones that sat on the
    >> perch that ran all the way across the cage, eight of them had almost
    >> purple feet. The finches were horrible. They were plucking each
    >> other, and two had broken legs and it looked as if there was a toe on
    >> the food dish.
    >> At this point, I was not that much into the breeding as I am now- and
    >> even THEN I could tell you these were inadiquate if not life-
    >> threatening circumstances. The manager told me the clerk was new, and
    >> she did not know much about birds, and she might know more then he.
    >> How in sam hill did the posterboy of stupidity become the manager of
    >> a pet store if he knows NOTHING about pets? It's pretty bad when you
    >> have to convince a grown man that an animal is dead. Sorry, but I
    >> refuse to EVER buy a live animal from a place like that- even then I
    >> better be in a real deep need for something and it better be the last
    >> place open if I go there.
    > Petco has only been in my area (Western Pennsylvania) for about 5
    > Obviously they have a longer run in other parts of the country.
    > I have about 5 stores that I can frequent and do. I only buy dog or
    > food there, but never go without visiting the bird room.
    > I don't know if all the stores are designed the same, but our stores
    > have an acutal separate room for birds. It has it's own
    > heating/cooling and air exchange system.
    > While I'm not promoting or defending them, I can honestly say that the
    > cleanliness of these rooms is absolutely amazing. I have never
    > witnessed a dirty cage or unfilled seed or water cup. And what
    > impressed me the most is that many of their birds had fresh vegetables
    > in their cages. All the hookbills had toys in their cages.
    > There were never any over-crowded cages or any birds that appeared to
    > be sick or with problem. But I will say that is only my observation
    > the times of my visits.
    > I make no excuse for saying that I purchased a lovebird from them as
    > was a unique mutation that I was unable to find elsewhere.
    > The most impressive thing that I can tell you about them is that I was
    > at my avian vet having an appointment. This woman came in with a tiel.
    > We looked at each other and knew that we "knew" each other from
    > somewhere. She was the woman who sold me the lovebird at the store.
    > believe she remembered me because I asked her if I could catch the
    > and do a pelvic exam in the hopes that i could have an idea of the
    > gender of the bird I was buying.
    > She was bringing a Petco cockatiel in because they "didn't like the
    > it looked and was acting." I realize that all of the stores may not
    > this, but have to say, I was impressed that they cared enough to treat
    > this bird.
    > Michael L