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Re: Petco Senegal

Posted by Debby on 5/25/05
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    I have to stand up and defend my local Petco as well. Every time I go in
    there, all the animals down to the mice, have clean cages. The bird room is
    off on its own, the cages are always clean, and they have a variety of food to
    eat. They are happy and healthy. The parakeets have a huge octogen aviary with
    a wooden tree in the center, toys, lots of seed dishes, millet. Sorry but I
    cannot find a fault with petco at all. Im in Eastern Pennsylvania.

    Alex sounds like a woman to me the way he/she writes. Id bet on it. Any
    betters out there...

    Don't know how he can lump all breeders into one catagory, truly he/she has no
    open mind what so ever with this subject. Its like talking to the wall. Not
    only that, he/she does not come accross as a nice person. Try all he/she wants
    to stop breeding of birds, we all know that won't happen. Not in our lifetime
    anyway. Let him/her ramble all they want.


    > Well that explains alot. Can't say I'm at all surprised.
    > /
    > /
    > On 5/24/05, wrote:
    >> God bless u which ever liked their PETCO....i am coming out and saying
    >> that i am a manager for a local PETCO.......