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Re: Petco

Posted by Debby on 5/25/05
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    Very odd how Petco's vary from place to place. Our petco doesn't sell dogs nor
    does it sell kittens. It sells dog supplies, kitty supplies, lizards, ferrets,
    mice, and tropical fish. Wonder why some do and some don't?


    > Oh mu petco only has the kitties.....never puppies and the ladies who operate
    > the rescue are in 4 times a day to check on them and clean them...we also do
    > an hourly walk on everything.....they switch the kitties out all the time so
    > no one gets stuck in the cubes too long...yes i agree with you totally....i
    > don't think the displays are large enough. And i certainly would n't want
    > dogs in their. Ours were designed for cats grates...just litterbox
    > holders and cage funiture for them to climb.
    > On 5/25/05, MKay wrote:
    >> The Petco near me is tiny, but very clean and I could not say anything bad
    >> about the birds... but I do think it's awful that puppies are kept in such
    >> tiny boxes with grated bottoms as they are. Wish there was a better way to
    >> display them rather than the stacked cubby-holes that they are in.