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Re: Petco

Posted by Anna on 5/27/05
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    I agree that each store has to be treated individually because they are only as
    good as the staff that looks after them. I read the last several posts and I get
    the sense that some of the authors may have a personal vendetta against Petco who
    will always find something to complain about. What I find really humorous though
    is that those who find so much atrocities in these stores have not placed a
    written complaint with the local authorities who can have changes made and levy
    fines. For an example, a dead bird in a cage or tortoises "stacked" would have
    been perfect opportunities to get the authorities and the SPCA into the store.
    Also, if the treatment of the birds and animals in these stores are so upsetting
    then why go into them four or five times a month. From my own observations I find
    there are as many more bad breeders than stores. I am in no way siding with the
    stores but lets not be procastinators, if you dislike the treatment of their
    livestock but won't call the people who could do something about it then boycot
    them and not go through their doors anymore.