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Re: Petco

Posted by Robin P. on 5/28/05
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    On 5/27/05, Anna wrote:
    > Robin, If you want something to complain about then picket the medical research
    > centres that use mice, cats, dogs and chimps to infect and test remedies on. If you
    > use cosmetics then guess what the manufacturers test their new products on before
    > sellng to the public. let's just keep the forum for helping owners who have questions
    > about their birds and leave personal diatribes outside the keyboard. Relax and enjoy
    > your bird. Have a good day.

    No,you pick your battles in life.I personally am in favor of medical research on
    animals,it saves alot of lives.I also enjoy a good steak.
    There is no need or purpose for animals in pet shops or at breeding facilities to be
    neglected.And no,I don't use cosmetics,my dazzling mug doesn't need attention drawn to it.
    But let me get this straight,you are allowed to express your opinion,and dictate what
    everyone else should do,but no one else is allowed to say anything? Hello....pot...kettle
    I am quite relaxed,actually,and do enjoy my birds.That doesn't keep me from having or
    expressing my opinion,which,if you don't want to read,you can just skip clicking on my
    name.And yes,I always sign my name to my posts.And no,I don't do well with having someone
    contradict me or make untrue statements about me,such as "do nothing and still shop
    there" it my need to have the last word,call it a character flaw if you will,at
    least I admit to mine.