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Re: Petco

Posted by Anna on 5/28/05
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    Whoever reads your posts past and present will get the same acknowlegement. As a new
    parrot owner, I came here for information not to agrue but couldn't help be annoyed when
    so many posts are about the dislike for a pet shop. If as a ontributer, the best you can
    do is rant about PETCO then you are absolutely right....YOU WIN. Sorry Michael and
    Allison. I just thought I should say what was on my mind and it will be my last. Ta Ta

    On 5/28/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 5/27/05, Anna wrote:
    >> Robin, If you want something to complain about then picket the medical research
    >> centres that use mice, cats, dogs and chimps to infect and test remedies on. If you
    >> use cosmetics then guess what the manufacturers test their new products on before
    >> sellng to the public. let's just keep the forum for helping owners who have questions
    >> about their birds and leave personal diatribes outside the keyboard. Relax and enjoy
    >> your bird. Have a good day.
    > No,you pick your battles in life.I personally am in favor of medical research on
    > animals,it saves alot of lives.I also enjoy a good steak.
    > There is no need or purpose for animals in pet shops or at breeding facilities to be
    > neglected.And no,I don't use cosmetics,my dazzling mug doesn't need attention drawn to
    > But let me get this straight,you are allowed to express your opinion,and dictate what
    > everyone else should do,but no one else is allowed to say anything?
    > calling?
    > I am quite relaxed,actually,and do enjoy my birds.That doesn't keep me from having or
    > expressing my opinion,which,if you don't want to read,you can just skip clicking on my
    > name.And yes,I always sign my name to my posts.And no,I don't do well with having
    > contradict me or make untrue statements about me,such as "do nothing and still shop
    > there" it my need to have the last word,call it a character flaw if you will,at
    > least I admit to mine.