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Re: Petco

Posted by Robin P. on 5/28/05
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    On 5/28/05, Anna wrote:
    > Whoever reads your posts past and present will get the same acknowlegement.

    That went clear over my head,whatever that sentence was supposed to mean.Because I voice my
    opinion,that makes my advice otherwise worthless? Since I care about animal abuse,and will
    make myself clear when my character,(and that of others on the board) is maligned,I must not
    know anything else.Riiiight.Ok.

    As a new
    > parrot owner, I came here for information not to agrue but couldn't help be annoyed when
    > so many posts are about the dislike for a pet shop.

    No,my dislike is for animal abuse,and the petshops in question are the largest perpetrators
    of that,in my personal observations.Again,there was no secret as to what the posts were
    about,and no one forced you to read them.I will very often start on a thread and watch it
    take a funky turn,and go ok,not interested.There are LOTS of informative posts on this
    board,a dazzling freedom of ideas, (Go USA!) and yes,the trolls and general lack of
    buttkissing that comes with an umoderated (or lightly moderated) board.There's alot more on
    this board,this is what you chose to read and comment on.