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Posted by Jill on 6/05/05
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    Really you've been in one pet store here and now there all bad....really ?? Bet you I could
    find a dive in England too! And any bird cage I've ever seen for sale has a bottom grill on
    it to keep the birds out of old food and s**t. Are you saying the cages sold in the UK have
    no grills?????? Your doing that "WE"RE better than you again thing again!" Ah most pet
    stores here DO NOT sell dogs or cats....out of 8 stores in my town only 1 does...and he gets
    protesters all the time. Being in one pet store hardly qualify's anything other than that
    store was bad.

    On 6/04/05, Emma wrote:
    > Wow. What a response. I was going to say I was visiting my friend last year in Annapolis,
    > and I went to their local Petco. I nearly died. The fish were kept in what can only be
    > described as salt-cellar sized plastic cups. At least 4 were floating dead on the surface of
    > each pot. I went into the bird room to see how they fared - it was terrible. The birds were
    > ill and sickly-looking, and a parrot was sitting plucked and forlorn in one corner of the
    > cage. All the 'tiels were huddled on the grill floor - no-one I've met has a grill-floored
    > cage, and all their feet were crusty and bright purple. I could hardly breathe in there
    > because of the feather dust and it was just apalling. I went over to an assistant and
    > said "your birds do not look well" and he said "oh they're always like that, it's how they
    > are", and I said "well actually mister, I keep birds, and mine do not look as ill as that".
    > My friend's dad filed a complaint I think, and we just left the store.
    > What also horrifies me in general about American petstores is how they sell kittens and
    > puppies in the shop. You can't get kittens/puppies here unless you go to someone who breeds
    > them at home, pet shops don't sell them. The grated cages are horrific too, whoever thought
    > up that idea? So that people could come stare at the cute kitties in a tiny cage, buy one,
    > then dump it? HOW irresponsible??? Breeders here will only sell to people who they're happy
    > selling to and who they've given care info to. You can't just saunter into a shop and buy
    > one. This isn't an "I hate America" rant, just an "I hate American petstores" rant. Gawd it
    > never ceases to amaze me...
    > -Emma