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Posted by Emma on 6/06/05
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    Sadly yes it is still legal in all of Europe. This is a policy which the USA does well to
    implement and is much to its credit. There are various lobby movements here to have this made
    illegal and I wish to stress that I believe it should be. I also believe it is only a matter of
    time before it is made illegal.

    I am not doing the "we're better than you" "thing" as you call it. I am merely stating facts. No
    cage I have seen in the UK is sold with grills and surprisingly we do not get thousands of dead
    or sick birds due to this every year. Neither of my cages have grills and my birds are perfectly
    healthy. I am not saying that every pet store was like that one I went in with the birds but
    whilst travelling to different shopping centres I saw at least 3 with crate style boxes for the
    puppies and kittens. This isn't good animal welfare I find. I am not generalising and saying
    they're all like that because they're not. And yes, you can find sh!tty pet stores here same as
    any other country. I wish I'd never told anyone I was from the UK as now everything I say in
    criticism of another country's policies is taken as geographical/racist attacks. This is NOT how
    it is meant.